2FA & 3FA Security Support

Prove one's identity based on the premise that an unauthorized actor is unlikely to be able to supply the factors required for access.

Hardware Wallet Integrations

Allows storage of user's private keys in a secure hardware device.

IP Whitelisting

Managed lists of trusted IP addresses or IP ranges from which users can access the system.

Third-party Security Audits

Systematic evaluation of the security by external professional body.

Withdrawal Confirmation Emails

Protection of funds through compulsory withdrawal confirmation email.

Multi-signature Wallet Structure

Allows a group of users to sign a single transaction, generally used to divide up responsibility for possession of coins.

Anti-DDoS Attack Security Solutions

Protection from DDoS attack of any size and type.

Wallet Address Whitelisting

Explicit address registry to only authorize withdrawals to whitelisted address.

Anti-phishing Alerts

Identify phishing content contained in websites, and subsequently block & warn the user.

Our Trading Platform

A Next-Gen Social Media Trading Platform and Digital Asset Exchange Disruptor based on Blockchain Technology. We offer a unique trading platform that enables retail clients to venture into trading Cryptocurrencies and Digital Asset Tokens across multiple exchanges.

Our Goals

Short Term:

  • Obtain necessary licensing from local governments.
  • Target users who are already accustomed to the world of cryptocurrencies.
  • Target new users and members to introduce into the cryptocurrency market.

Long Term:

  • Provide market-leading product, service and technologies.
  • Expand and open branches in several countries to increase trust, market presence and stability.
  • Become a market leader in the cryptocurrency exchange industry.
  • Formation of liquid markets for ICO’s listed on our exchange.

Technical Architecture

We will be using technical infrastructure which has been developed by one of our partners, whos team constitutes of several award-winning programmers based out of Singapore. The system itself has been developed by our partner team with advisers from several KYC (Know Your Customer), AML (AntiMoney Laundering) experts, and compliance officers from well established major world banks to develop the system.

Multilingual Focus

We will be releasing our platform in several languages including, English, Japanese, Chinese, Malay (Bahasa). We believe that this is crucial in order to maximize the speed at which we grow our user base, as this will allow users from different cultures and countries to access our platform with minimal issues.